Jena Yue is a bright young artist, born and raised in Vancouver Canada, currently attending Collingwood School. She has been painting since the age of 7, and has grown to not only love art but rely on it as a form of expression. She uses a variety of mediums in her works such as watercolour, acrylics and sketching but specializes in oil painting. Jena seeks to use art as a platform to give back to her community and support disenfranchised children throughout their education. Not only is she passionate about fine arts but as an avid member of the speech and debate community, Jena seeks to express herself in every way she can. She is on Team Canada for public speaking, and debates provincially, nationally, and internationally. Through the intersections of her varied experiences, she has learned about the importance of speaking up for issues you are passionate about, and using your voice to fight for the inequality in our society.

All proceeds go to supporting the Learning Buddies Network and Alzheimer Society of British Columbia.

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Currently a grade 9 student at York House School and a part-time art-maniac, Jenny’s passion in the visual arts has always been her most vibrant shadow. She has practiced acrylic painting for 9 years and pencil sketching for 6, while also occupying herself in watercolour and digital media. She enjoys moments when art goes beyond the trademark aesthetics but reflects close depictions of facets of ourselves waiting for our traverse.

Having spent some 5 years in both prepared and improvised speaking, Jenny stood on the stage of TEDx StanleyPark in 2016 in front of an audience of 2,600 in the Queen Elizabeth theatre. While painting on canvas, she advocated for the value of art education in the public school system. Also one of the founders of the Warm Heart of Africa School clubs under the non-profit organization Warm Heart of Africa Foundation, she continues to pursue a better future for youth in the African country of Malawi.